Having a well fitting saddle gives you that wonderful feeling of being able to make your horse dance with the smallest of effort.

We are fascinated by this beautiful Equestrian form of riding, the history, elegance and sometimes the mystery that surrounds it.


Our club is spread all over Germany. Our wish is to make contact with all who ride side saddle and with those who have a dream to do so. We would like to share information and increase knowledge with the clinics that we will be running. Clinics will also provide a chance for those who are tempted to try this.


Please take time to enjoy our GALLERIE collection. Look forward to viewing an extensive amount of information on modern and historical saddles whilst seeing the evolution that has occurred in this wonderful sport.

All available at WISSENSWERT.


We look forward to hearing from you and receiving any questions that you may have. 


Dr. Bettina Grahner

Vorsitzende RID - Reiten im Damensattel e.V.

RID Reiten im Damensattel e.V.

RID - Reiten im Damensattel e.V.